Social Work & Family Support

This service is available to parents or caregivers who care for children from pre-birth to 17 years of age

Our social worker uses a strength-based approach and will work alongside family/whanau to identify goals, and work towards sustainable solutions that enhances family/whanau well being.

We work with you and your family / whanau’s by offering a wide range of knowledge and assisting with: Advocay, Parenting Support, Personal Development, Family Relationship Issues, Facilitator of Personal Growth Progammes.

Client Feedback

"Gave me tips/advice on how to cope with my kids and normal stressors in life"

"Support emotionally and access to skills to parent successfully"


STEPSforward Family Services provide social support to those facing challenges. We work along side individuals, children and families/whanau, drawing on their strengths and resources in order to create positive long-term changes.  We work in accordance of the Vulnerable Children's Act 2014.