Make a Bequest

Support us by making a bequest

A gift in your Will whether big or small is a valuable way to ensure the work we do with families and children continues.

Your gift to StepsForward can include:

  • A Percentage of your Estate after other gifts and debt are cleared or
  • A Fixed Sum – regular updates are required to ensure this is inflation-proof because the value of a fixed sum decreases as the cost of living increases or
  • A Gift of Assets – may include your home, other property, stocks, shares and other investments or a portion of these.

Making or Changing a Will When you are making a Will or changing an existing one, you will need to talk to your solicitor and it is also a good idea to keep family and friends informed. Changing an existing Will is not complicated or difficult. You can review or update your Will at any time and when doing so you have the opportunity to consider making a gift to StepsForward Family Services and Support Service. If you already have a Will and wish to make a gift to StepsForward Family Services and Support Service, you can make an amendment – called a Codicil – to your Will. You can download a Codicil form here to complete and send to your solicitor.

Thanks You!

Our Donors

We would like to thank all those who have believed in our vital work. Through physical and financial donations we are able to help families build a better future.